Friday, April 2, 2010

Flashy Friday!! or suggestions!

Okay so I'm not in love with the name Flashy Friday. I was trying to stick with my alliteration theme but Flashy Friday?? What does that even mean? I was thinking that I would post pics of the jewelry I am making every Friday but of course I didn't make any last night, due to the fact that David and I went to the temple. So I propose that you give me suggestions, what topic should I leave for Friday?? only stipulation is that is has to start with an "F".

But because I made this a goal and it is my second day I will make sure that I will post a Flashy item.

I love making jewelry. It is one of the many hobbies I spend my time doing. I used to sell a lot of it but I haven't sold any in such a long time because I got married and all I want to do is be with him.
This is the next big purchase I want to make. t is called "art clay" let me show you what it is all about.

Pretty neat huh? I think it would be really fun to learn and could make tons of original things. On FireMountainGem it costs $89.68 for the starter kit so needless to say I will have to wait to buy it.
(got these pics from fire mountain gems too)

So let me know your suggestions. I really want to make this something fun to read and enjoy!!


Rach said...

fantastic find friday?

*Aliese* said...

Hmmm...You could still do your jewelry and call it Fashion Friday. Or you can do what I do along with a few other friends with the Flashback Friday (recording memories) or Feature Friend Friday where you highlight a particular person in your life. :)

Hailey Jones said...

i like rach's idea.
and i like that you sale jewelry.
and i never knew.
so please tell me when you have another sale.
because i need some jewels. bad.

童紫勳 said...
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Kays said...

LOVE THESE!!! Can't wait til you start making them!

N Luthi said...