Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Blink!

Life has been moving on pretty quickly lately. My grandma passed away about a week and half ago, if you haven't already heard. I'm glad I got to say goodbye to her before she went. The funeral was wonderful, filled with lots of tears, and an underlining of peace.

My roommates have been out of the country, and it has been so nice to have the house to myself! but they should be coming home within the next couple of days! It will be nice to have them back, I do kinda miss the noise!

Kailie, Rachel and I the other night thought it would be fun to visit the temples at night...( well that wasn't the purpose behind the visit but that's the one I will tell you) but we only made it to two. The Bountiful, and Salt Lake City.

By the time we found Bountiful the lights were about to go off. We took some picture at each stop, where we also saw a few couples walking the grounds.

We wondered if we interrupted any proposals. They probably thought we were a bunch of dorks, Oh Well!

Then on Saturday my mom and sister's family came over to go swimming in my pool! It was a lot of fun. Porter has grown up so much, he just thought that it was okay to swim by himself. No need for any assistance.
I did get some sun which was really nice. I ended the day by going on a date. All in all in was a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

As time goes by... and it sure goes by fast.

This weekend I went to St. George to see all my grandparents who all seen to think it is fun to get sick at the same time.
First my 95 year old grandma. She is having a lot of health problems among them is old age. At the beginning of last week we found out that she probably won't be around much longer. we all raced down there to maybe say our last goodbyes. It was a very sad weekend to think that she won't be around much longer. She has lost about 15 pounds in the last weeks, it is about a 1 pound a day. you can really can tell she is slowly going. but on the other hand, she has lived a great and full life. she shared lots of stories of her life and it was fun to hear them.

I love her so very much, everyone always tells me that I look just like her when she was my age.. the only difference is she is about half the size I am.. I think she it 5'2" and I stand about 5'11". it ended up being one big photo shot after another.

My dads parents also found out that they are not doing very well either. My grandma went to into surgery for breast cancer at the beginning of the week and my grandpa just found out that he has leukemia. We got to chat with them while we were down there. There was a lot of tears and laughs. I'm so grateful for the strength and love that they both have shown me. I didn't get any picture of them but it was still great to see them.

We also got to do a little shopping at the farmers market. Isn't my little boy getting so big. He was so cute with Great grandma.
All in all it was a good weekend if not a little bit sad.

With the paint dry....

The last couple of weeks have been busy and full but one thing that has gone right is I have finally moved in to my house. The paint has dried, and things can go up. So here is a look at my new room.
This is when you walk into the room.
Imagine white shutters on both sides of the window( Just waiting on Dad, No pressure).
To the left is my nightstand.

I mod podge this set of drawers so that you can see how really messy it is. I think they turned out pretty cute.
The closet. Don't look in it.
or do. That dresser was purchased from Ikea and I put it together all by myself. (with a little help from Rachel).
To the right.

Cute pictures and shelfs... My daddy made my bed.
My seating area.
Another "cover up".
Again another cover up.
So that is the tour of my room. hope you enjoyed. I sure do!
Coming up next the bathroom!!

Oh and this is my new fan. I put it together but needed some help from my neighbor Carlos and my dad.... I could have done better without either one of them. LOL Thanks for everyone's help.