Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog Alert!!! Thrifty Thursday!!

Okay I had this great Idea today!! So I am always totally bored at work. I generally have nothing to do. I usually spend the work day looking at blogs. Side note: I love my job and love the people I work with. I also do do my job which is answering the phone and help out with the accounting. It just doesn't keep me occupied the whole 6hrs everyday. So while I have plenty of time at work, I look at blogs and read about everyone else lives. But I never update my own blog. So here is the deal. My goal: I'm going to write a post every day. I have such a boring life and I sure you don't want to hear about my day every day because here is what it consist of: wake up, go to school, have lunch with my husband, go to work, come home make dinner, then go to bed. Really it is so boring.

So I have decide to pick a topic for everyday and write a post based on that topic.

Meaningful Monday
Tasty Tuesdays
Wishful Wednesday
Thrifty Thursdays
Flashy Fridays

So because it is Thrifty Thursday and Sunday is Easter here is a cute decoration idea that I am stealing from a blog I stalk.

It is such a cute Idea I wish I would have thought of or seen it earlier!!

All it is some plastic eggs
ribbon and and cute vase!!

Love it I have all of those things maybe I will make it!!

Anyways hope you enjoy my goal to use my time wisely. And if you don't well... so what. ;)


*Aliese* said...

Very cute. And I love the blog ideas. Definitely looking forward to your daily posts!

Rach said...

I can't wait to see what you write (or wright, as you say)! haha you're so cute.... and trust me, your life isn't boring! can't wait!

Kays said...

Um mom has had a similar smaller version of that in her living room all month so ya....