Thursday, October 8, 2009


So Last week David took me to Disney World with his family. It was so much fun!!
Here are a few picture of the the trip!! But if you want to see more they will be on facebook.

This is at Hollywood Studios

This is on Pirates!!! Best ride ever!! I like the one in Disneyland better but David made this one Special!! ;)

This is a the Magical Kingdom

This is at Epcot

This is in Canada in Epcot, Funny story behind this one!! So David and I went off on our own the last day to see all the thing I missed. We stopped in Canada and started to take a couple pictures in front of the falls. While we were there, there might have been some kissing and such, but mostly picture taking. During one picture David got a phone call. It was his brother-in-law Spencer. He reported that the whole group had been in the Canada film below the falls and watched us kissing each other!! So know I have photo of us from the front and the back! it was funny but I was pretty embarrassed.

This was the last fireworks display we saw on the last night. It was fabulous!! Disney does have a way of making everything so magical!!


*Liese said...

LoL Oh, Hols! I love that your little PDA sesh got caught on camera; that's awesome. It looks like you guys had an awesome time! I've never been to Disneyworld and would love to go one day...

Luthi said...

way cute pictures! :)