Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can't catch up!

So life is crazy right now, and I can't catch up. Many of you know and have heard that I recently started my own business. This is such a thrilling experience but it is so consuming. I have about two shows a week but have been make more stuff during the week! I also am going to school full-time and working part-time. Then throw a boyfriend and homework on to that and you have my crazy life. Next week I am going to Florida with David's family for the week, you think this should be a relaxing vacation but because I'm so busy trying to get ahead in all my classes,it feels a little overwhelming. Then I think about when I get back from Florida I will have this and that to get done when I get back. I just keeping looking forward to the day when things will start to slow down but I see no end in sight! ah well at least I'm happy and enjoying it. I just hope and pray that I might catch up so that I can clean my room!! It has fallen pretty low on my priority list, hopefully I can clean it before it becomes a necessity. (who am I kidding it already has!!)


*Liese said...

Have fun in Florida; that makes me pretty much jealous!!! Just be glad you can actually take time to do that. :) I'm sure things will settle down a bit...after Christmas... LOL I've noticed that October through December are just crazy weeks that FLY BY.

Luthi said...

you are really into new backgrounds lately...eberytime i look you ahve anew one! what about a new posting?