Friday, October 9, 2009

They are Witchy Woman.

My mom took my sisters and I to Witch A Palooza. It was so much fun!!

The decoration were super cute... I love these leaves hanging from the ceiling.

They aerve you dinner and then provide a show! With singing and dancing.

This was the lead in the play who also was my High School Choir Teacher. It was very hard to view him as a "Love interest".

But it was still a great time, all around!!


*Liese said...

That is a FAB photo of D. Love it! It looks like you girls had loads of fun! I miss livin' "up there" where so much fun stuff takes place. The SG just isn't quite as festive.

Luthi said...

I think we should do it again! what about you?

Holls said...

For sure, That was way fun!

nic and hai said...

i want to go really bad. maybe next year you should call me.