Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes,

So When I get extremly bored at work I surf the web. I usually end up on a shoe website. I Love shoes. I have way too many but it is always fun to look. The guys at work call it my "Shoe Porn". So Just to get us all a little excited here is some pictures of some I found.

PS if anyone feels inclined to buy me any, my birthday is coming up!(Just a thought.


*Liese said...

It's cool Holli...LOTS of people vowed they'd never blog! I'm glad you did though. :) And just so you know, I'm totally going to a SHOE PARTY tonight! Yes, I'm going to go look at lots and lots of shoes (most expensive pair is $30) and buy quite a few as well. is the web site--you know, to add to your shoe porn! Apparently their entire inventory isn't online yet though.

P.S. Love you hobby! You and Darrin should get together and make loads of jewelry. He's set some gorgeous stones in rings and pendants for me so far.

Rach said...

oh holls. love the blog. minus the my wing pic. that's no bueno. I want to see your face. in fact, I think I'll call you right now. muah!

Brooke B said...

you and Nikki and your shoes lol
I LOVE that first pair.. Way cute!! Where did you find them?

Luthi said...

you are a major dork!
but they are cute!