Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving on and Moving out!

So this weekend was very productive. On Friday night I went bowling with my whole family, we had a lot of fun. Just watching Rico bowl better than his mother made the night. If you want to see the pics check out her blog (http://www.luthination.blogspot.com/)
they are very cute. I also have been extremly busy making all sorts of new jewelry but haven't had the chance to take pics and post them yet,so... to be continued. And Saturday Rachel and Jessica spent the day looking for a place to move. Thats right, it is time to leave the nest. I love living with my parents(most of the time), but I am growing up and I need to become an adult. We didn't find very many ones we really liked but I really liked this place.

As you can see it has three bedrooms and has it's own fireplace which I love, It has a community pool and gym and other amenities. We didn't get to actually see it, but that is the plan for this up coming Sat. So Wish us luck!
Then on Sat night my cousin Brooke came into town we went out to dinner and Bowling again. You would think of how much bowling I have done recently I would improve but apparently I get worst with time, getting an average of 58 on both games we played!! Wow I'm amazing. There will also be picture of our fun night, I just have to get them form my dear cousin because my camera is on the fits.
All in all it was a great weekend and I am counting down the days to the next weekend.


*Liese said...

Yay for your fun house! Moving somewhere new is always exciting (just don't choose Bedroom 3 if at all possible--it's lookin' a bit small)... :) And no worries, I think your bowling scores are awesome! Mine weren't so fabulous either until we started playing it on the Wii; somehow, it's helped improve my game A BIT.

Luthi said...

what the hell! when did you decide this? you never tell me anything! bedroom 3 sucks the big one that person should get cheaper rent for sure! where is this place???