Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who knew?

So my bra that I love broke, so last night I went Wal-Mart to get a new one! While I’m looking in the bra section I see this really really cute guy walk by, we make eye contact and I look away real quick cause I’m totally embarrassed to be caught in the bra section. I move on after I find a bra I like and then walk towards the makeup section. All of a sudden I am bumped from behind and all the stuff I was holding goes flying out of my arms including the bra I planned on getting. I look to see who bumped me and guess who it is? The cute guy I had just seen. I was so embarrassed because he starts to reach for my bra, and I, not wanting him to pick it up, hurry and reach for it. I was completely mortified. Anyways long story short he apologized, struck up a conversation with me and than gave me his number. I never knew that the bra section at Walmart was a great place to pick up men!


Brooke B said...

SOOOO excited you have a blog.
It's SO cute!
love ya!

Luthi said...

i love that story holls! way to funny. you called him yet?

Aundrea Rammelsberg said...

So hilarious! I hope the date goes well. I imagine this guy's a keeper if he was ok with reaching for your bra. I'm kinda wondering - if it was blah white - or some color??? Man, he was able to compose himself and still give you his number - AWESOME! Make sure to wear the lucky bra on your date! Perhaps ... KISMET!