Thursday, March 11, 2010

Before the Reception Part 1.

So after a quick make-out session in the Marriott Parking lot. We arrived at the reception center. Where Melinda again helped me fix my hair.

And then got back into my wedding dress. My flower where just delivered for the center pieces. Also my Cake had been delivered. The day had been going pretty smoothly not hitches, well besides mine. but really we haven't had any problems. until now. The cake turned out beautiful But the flower lady didn't decorate it, she dropped off a bunch off long stem roses and Gerber Dasies. Everyone was standing around the cake going what do we do with it.

So I told my sister Nikki to go at it. She did an amazing job!! Looks like a professional did it.

Then I had my good friend Allie and Sandra so my center pieces. They turned out awesome.

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