Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And so it goes...

So I'm a little behind in my posting! I have tons of Picture but haven't had time to post them. So here is a bunch of random pic that I have taken in the last month!!

The first group is just a few of the pictures I took while at lagoon!

The Girls

We're Hot stuff!

So Cute

Bunny Ears

I also went to camping and tubing with a bunch of friends. Here are some from that trip...
Jill and I with our morning fix, Dr Pepper and a Red vine for a Straw very nutritional.

Riding the bull!!

Christie and I, with our cute swimming hair!

Tubing down the river... Hold on!

Don't let go David!

So very Attractive!!

Dave asked me to go with him to the Demolition Derby for the county fair. Okay so Invited myself, But it was loads of fun!
The Group

Our favorite Car "Hoops" got stuck on the mound of cars!!

All in all it has been a great summer. So sad it is over!


Luthi said...

so i love all the fun photos....at the demo derby are the people in the front row
a) strangers who like to pose for photos
b) friends of yours
c) friends of daves
d) daves family
e) something else the needs to be clarified?

Holls said...

that would be c) Friends of Daves

*Liese said...

Is Dave a:

a) boyfriend
b) potential boyfriend
c) just a friend
d) crazy stalker dude
e) something else that needs to be clarified?

Luthi said...

fabulous aliese! i love it!

Holls said...

Aliese, that would probably be
a) boyfriend. But you would have to ask him, we have never discussed it! ;)

Holls said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luthi said...

time to update...