Friday, July 10, 2009


I love summer!!! Since I'm not in school and I don't have to work until 12:00... I'm always out way too late!! Last night I went to my ward activity and enjoyed a good old fashion hot dog and S mores on an open campfire.

Rachel, Cliff, Tyler Blake, Carlos, and Jordan

Then we proceed to watch "Forever Strong" outside with a generator. I didn't really watch I was to busy talking with my buddy Dave...
I stole his glasses where I than had a photo shot with myself and everyone around me. I was sorta obnoxious. I felt alot like my mom and Debbie Iverson. Thats not an insult it is the truth they are always walking around taking photos. My bishop even suggest I be the ward historan I laughed because I think Debbie had that calling at one point in time. Here are just a few of the shots I took

Kailie, Amanda, Cliff, Blake, Jordan, Jill, a little bit of Alli, and Dave

Kailie, Rachel, Amanda

It was a lot of fun, but in the middle of the movie the generator ran out of gas. So we broke "camp" and picked up and left. A few of us weren't ready to leave yet so we decide to sit in a park and tell ghost stories. Did I say how much I love summer. We sat in the middle of this grassy field sharing blakets and telling stories. ( and taking pictures).

Dave and I

Jill, Carlos, Dave, and I
It was lot of laughs and alot of intense scary moments. Including Me freaking out when the sprinklers came on( I thought it was something else). I'm so grateful for moments like these that make summer memorable. It was a late night that was totaly worth the lack of sleep!


*Liese said...

Way to live it up, Holls! I'm proud. And don't worry, one day, people will LOVE your pictures! I was constantly teased for taking my camera everywhere and now people come ask me for photos of "back in the day" constantly. Secretly, they wish they were cool enough to take lots of pictures. :)

Luthi said...

wow now that is the kind of stuff you should be doing. sounds so fun!!