Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can't catch up!

So life is crazy right now, and I can't catch up. Many of you know and have heard that I recently started my own business. This is such a thrilling experience but it is so consuming. I have about two shows a week but have been make more stuff during the week! I also am going to school full-time and working part-time. Then throw a boyfriend and homework on to that and you have my crazy life. Next week I am going to Florida with David's family for the week, you think this should be a relaxing vacation but because I'm so busy trying to get ahead in all my classes,it feels a little overwhelming. Then I think about when I get back from Florida I will have this and that to get done when I get back. I just keeping looking forward to the day when things will start to slow down but I see no end in sight! ah well at least I'm happy and enjoying it. I just hope and pray that I might catch up so that I can clean my room!! It has fallen pretty low on my priority list, hopefully I can clean it before it becomes a necessity. (who am I kidding it already has!!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day late and a dollar short.

So I was going through my posts and realized I forgot to put my pictures up for the Chris Cagle Concert. So here they are, a day late and a dollar short.

This was back at the beginning of august. It was held at the South Jordan County Fair for Free. So there was a lot of people there. Chris didn't do so well. He has gained a bunch of wait and lost a lot of his ability to sing. It was very nasally....and the speaker were up so loud. I went with My mom, Kathleen My friend Jill and her mom.

Kathleen and her food!!

But it was tons of fun.

Larbor Day! Warning this post is long!!

So For Labor Day Weekend, my family usually goes up to Park City for the weekend. We stay in a condo, and then go shopping at the outlets, and spend a day up at Swiss Days, while the boys go fishing. But this year my parents had to work two out of the three days, so we broke with tradition. But Don't worry I didn't let that stop me from having a great weekend.
Friday night Dave made me a fabulous dinner and then we watched a movie on our movie list. After the move I help him make hash browns for the next morning. Saturday was an extremely busy day. Dave came and got me at 6:30 with his sister and Brother-in-law, to drive up to bountiful canyon for breakfast with his whole family. I was super nervous because this was the first time I would meet the whole family. Turns out there was nothing to be nervous about his family is great! Everyone one brought something for breakfast. Alan and Katie made these delicious croissant french toast. It was fabulous. And his mom and dad made some yummy scones. Emily brought crepes with fresh peaches(Yum)!! This just a few of the yummy stuff that was brought. It was way too much food but so fun to get together and meet his family. He has some very cute nieces and an adorable nephew that loved to play in the river while everything was being made.
After breakfast was over Dave dropped me off at home to take a nap before he came to get me so that we could go up to Swiss Days. Carolyn, Dave's sister and I wanted to go so we made it fit into our schedule. There was tons of cute stuff up there but there was one "project" that Carolyn and I are going to make for everyone Christmas presents. So I won't go in to details. We left Swiss Days after a few hour to make on time for the Salt Lake Bees Game.

I love this picture of us!

This is Spencer and I in our Bees hats. He is a total Yankee's Fan, and I am a Red Sox's Fan. So We posed to show that there is common ground.

This is Spencer and Carolyn. And Katie trying to get in the picture.

This is Katie and Alan. Katie has the cutest shoes on. You know me always looking at people's shoes.

The bees won the game, but it was down to the wire. After the game they did a beautiful fireworks display.

Thanks guys for coming it was so much fun!

After dinner on Sunday my sister and her family and my little sister went out to Daybreak Lakes to play at the play ground and in the "Water Water".

Porter on the playground

My Beautiful sisters

Porter Not Happy to be on the swing.

I love Daybreak. There is so much to do out there.

Then on Sunday evening, my roommates planned a party and sleepover at my house with a bunch of friends. We played games and went to bed late it was a lot of fun.

Finally... On Monday, My Mom, Nikki, Steven, Porter, Dave and I went boating.
We only stayed for a few hours because the water got really rough, but it was still fun.

As you can see my weekend was full, but awesome. I hope everyone else got to enjoy on of the last weekends of summer like I did!!!