Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Blink!

Life has been moving on pretty quickly lately. My grandma passed away about a week and half ago, if you haven't already heard. I'm glad I got to say goodbye to her before she went. The funeral was wonderful, filled with lots of tears, and an underlining of peace.

My roommates have been out of the country, and it has been so nice to have the house to myself! but they should be coming home within the next couple of days! It will be nice to have them back, I do kinda miss the noise!

Kailie, Rachel and I the other night thought it would be fun to visit the temples at night...( well that wasn't the purpose behind the visit but that's the one I will tell you) but we only made it to two. The Bountiful, and Salt Lake City.

By the time we found Bountiful the lights were about to go off. We took some picture at each stop, where we also saw a few couples walking the grounds.

We wondered if we interrupted any proposals. They probably thought we were a bunch of dorks, Oh Well!

Then on Saturday my mom and sister's family came over to go swimming in my pool! It was a lot of fun. Porter has grown up so much, he just thought that it was okay to swim by himself. No need for any assistance.
I did get some sun which was really nice. I ended the day by going on a date. All in all in was a great weekend.


Jessie Moore said...

Hey Holli, I am really sorry about your Grandma...those are never fun but I am glad you got to say goodbye to her. Your place sounds totally fun and I need to see it. Lets play soon. I LOVE YOU and sorry I have been a terrible friend.

Luthi said...

when i was in college we totalkk drove to the idaho falls temple one night and by the time be got there at 2am it was closed but that didnt stop us fromt aking pics either! so fun!