Monday, January 17, 2011

So many changes..

When a new year begings most of us look at the past and think what can I do different what can I do better. Usually we will make some effort on setting a goal for the year in order to improve on those things in our life that we know need a little work. but as the year has started some many things have been changing that I have not had a moment to pause and reflect.

the last few weeks has been full of all sorts of changes

first on the 9th of Jan we welcomed our beautiful niece in to this world her parents picked out a beautiful name Aspen Joy. She is such a cutie. Her mother had a hard time getting her out which is to be expected because she was 8 pounds and 20 inches long and my sister inlaw is such a tiny little mom who knows where this baby girl was hidding. It was fun holding the baby at the hospital. Mom and baby are doing fine if not tired.

later on that night we found out that david's grandpa died. this was no surprise in fact we thought he would have gone a long time ago. he has been in the in a nursing home and has not been doing well for several months. The Doctor, in the first of december only gave him a few weeks to live. and yet he hung on until the first of the year.
we had the funeral on friday of last week it was very beautiful and explained a life of a man that had a life of progression. David's grandpa was in the reserves and so I think the best moment was at the grave sit when some men in uniform performed a tribute with a horn and also they presented the flag to david grandma. it was very touching.

well it not such a surprise but what a great joy on sunday my other sister in law decided it was time to have her baby. baby William homer was born on the16 of Jan and I was part of it. Rebekah had invited me to be a part of the delivery. it was very special and such a neat thing to see. Baby Will was 8.11 pounds and 19 inchs long, and is a little stud. Thank you Rebekah for inviting me to be a part of something so special.

As you can see it has been some busy weeks but I think the thing that is really wearing me down is one of the biggest changes in my life is... well I should start back to christmas.

We were at my parents this year for christmas, and although starting later then we usually do we were all opening presents when ooops of course I would slip on the present that I'm trying to open with a knife and shove it into my finger. after having my dad look at and deciding it was a little deep we made our way to insta care for stiches. After waiting for two hours the nurse finally brought us back to take my vitals. all the usually thing are asked" are you allergic to anything?, does it hurt?, and when was your last period. I repiled to all .
"No I'm not allegic to anything , no not to bad, and I had it just about a month ago but we are trying.
The nurse, you should have seen her face, said well would you like to take a preg test while your here. I think she was more excited then us. I said that was fine and proceed to pee in a cup.

Well there it is folks our big secret. At the instat care we found out that we were going to have a baby. well sorta the test was a little unclear because it was so close to my miss period that a few days later we took another one and got a for sure double line.

I have had my first dr appointment and am going in for another one in a few week to hear the heart beat.
we are super excited and and pleased as punch to announce that David and I are going to have our baby on or around Sept, 1 2011.

I have been extermly tired and have felt super sick all the time, but am luckly not hanging out by the toliets, well at least to throw up.
I'm so excited to start this new stage in my life. I have decide that this will be my goal this year to bring a health baby into the world. I think it is a pretty big task and one that I should be able to keep.

Ps sorry for all the grammer and spelling errors. really I just don't care enough!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I just wanted to shoot out to my hubby!!! we have now been married a whole year.
he is the most amazing man, I'm so greatful to have him in my life. I thought I would share with you some of the pic we took this year, here to many more wonderful years