Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Day

Okay I know I know I'm a slacker. Life has been a little busy!!
So I got married on Jan. 4, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple.

The Day started with me getting my hair done at 6:00am.
Melinda Anderson was wonderful enough to do my hair for my big day. Back up to when we got engaged I wanted to have longer hair for the wedding day and picture so I hope nobody can tell but we add in hair extension to make it look longer... If you can tell don't tell me. Thanks!

She is going to be upset that I posted these pictures... ah well.. I think she looks great, It's Six in the morning for heaven's sake.

Here is the finished product...

She did a Wonderful job and I loved it!! Thanks Melinda for being a part of this amazing day!!

Then around 7:30 am David came and got me, to take me to the temple. He was so adorable. He wouldn't look at me, because he kept tearing up. He said I was so beautiful and that it was hard to look at me without crying. I love this man..

We got to the temple around 8:30 am, where we filled out paper work and other documents. The Salt Lake Temple is so beautiful, everywhere you look there is beautiful art pieces that make us feel closer to out Heavenly Father, and our savior Jesus Christ.

As my mom helped me get ready she was fighting back tears... I love my mom and realize that this was a hard but wonderful day for her. She feels that she was losing me... I told her I'm not going anywhere!!

The ceremony was beautiful. I have never In my life felt the spirit so strongly. The sealer was wonderful, he really made the day amazing. My great grandfather, who died many years ago, birthday is on the 4th of Jan. and my great grandmother, his wife, recently died last summer. I can tell you that I felt their wonderful spirit and presence the entire time I was in the temple. It is true that we are families of forever. I will one day be able to see them again, and now that I am sealed to my wonderful husband WE also will be together forever. We are now a Covenant couple.

After changing into my wedding dress it was time to go outside for pictures we were greeted at the door by friends and family.

Lots and lots of pictures!! There were cameras everywhere.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate!!

And here are some of my favorite's that were taken around the temple.

I will post the rest of the day's events with pics and details tomorrow so stay tuned!!