Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the season...

**Warning this post is a little mushy, You should avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to this post because it is know to cause diabetes. May cause stomachache or in some cases extreme vomiting**

As the saying goes "Tis the season to be Jolly", I can never in my life remember being this Jolly or Happy. I am a pretty happy person, I usually am wearing a smile, but now it is a different kind of happy. I'm stressed and swamped, I have no time to get all the thing I need to get done done. But I am truly happy.

When Dave and I got engaged people came out from everywhere wanting to give us advice, most comments were some sort of complaints about their spouses, and a few where what I would consider actually helpful. But most if not all said how happy I will be. I believe them.

Happy is a word that is so very common. It is a word that every one uses all the time. It is so common and so over used that to say one is happy seems like a total understatement. I once had a teacher that would mark you down if you used adjectives such as happy, and sad because they just aren't very descriptive. So I'm going to use the most descriptive words I know for how I am feeling

Content, Pleased, Glad, Joyful, Cheerful, Blissful, Euphoric, Floating, Delighted, Enchanted, Elated, Gone, Heavenly, Rapturous, Spaced-Out, On Cloud Nine, Fortunate, Lucky, Emotional, Fervor, Yearning, and Zeal.

In short I'm happy. I am so excited to marry the man I love, My best friend and partner in crime. And even though I know we will have hard times, and not everyday will be blissful, I know that I will be happy, because I will have the rest of my life and all eternity to be with this man. This amazing and wonderful caring man. He is such an example to me and will someday- not anytime soon, be a wonderful Father to our children.

Happy Holidays to all.
And When I say happy I mean it, because after all tis the season to be...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sneak Peak Bridals

So I am posting this of my bridals because David has already seen this one because you can see nothing of the dress!!

Ta Da

Here they are...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas decorating!!!

Okay if you know me at all you will know how much I love to decorate. My family has nicknamed me Rachel Ray, because I love to cook and I love to decorate... Not that Rachel decorates but you get the idea. And when my mom wants something decorated or "crafted up" yes I just made up that term, she usually calls me. I even decorated her tree this year... and the year before... and the year before, etc, etc. Anyways since I am getting married to a wonderful man that owns his own home I will get the fun job of making his house our home. He doesn't know what hit him. So we decided last night for Family Home Evening, we would get a real Christmas tree, and than decorate it and the house. I was in heaven. This was so much fun, and here are the results!!

It is still really empty... but for now it will do! I have plans to add more, but I think we made a good start.

Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you had or will have as much fun as I had putting up your tree!